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We have been supplying flame retardant services worldwide for over 20 years and have been manufacturing flame retardant chemicals for more than 15 years. Our finish is certified to the highest standards possible.

American Flamecoat adds chemical fireproofing to your fibers, fabrics, substrates, and surfaces. Our formula is flexible; it protects your materials without altering them. That means that you no longer have to worry about the quality of your product while trying to protect it. We treat everything from spandex to silk with no damage.

With clients in every corner of the world, we bend to suit your needs. Whether it’s complying with state regulations, or working to ensure customer satisfaction, American Flamecoat will do it all.

We’ll protect your products so you can protect your consumers.

N.F.P.A. 701

City of New York, Certificate of approval

N.F.P.A. 260


California TB117E


 All European Standards

 I.M.O. Treating Certification

California Title 19 Section 1237



Pro-Techs Antimicrobial

Ultra Fresh

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