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About us

American Flamecoat has been supplying flame retardant certification and documentation worldwide for over 30 years. We utilize a special non-Bromide based proprietary solution for a 100% environmentally friendly process. This process was developed through many years of research and development in order to enhance the fabric without changing the hand, color and size of material it is being applied to. Over the years we have added other proprietary finishes, all designed to help your fabric look, feel and preform at its best!

N.F.P.A. 701

N.F.P.A. 260

California Title 19 Section 1237

California Technical Bulletin 117E



 I.M.O. Treating Certification

All Global Standards

Flame Code Certification and Testing Documentation

Pro-Techs Antimicrobial

Fibercare Stain Protection

X-45 Double Rub Enhancer

UV Protection


Onsite Treatment Services

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